Ambika Educational Charitable Trust is the driving force behind Ambika Vidyabhavan CBSE Secondary School, overseeing its management and operations. Established with a core objective of providing high-quality education at the national level, the trust is dedicated to offering excellent educational opportunities to ordinary students.

The Ambika Educational Charitable Trust has undertaken several initiatives to contribute to the educational landscape and make a positive impact on society. Here are some notable initiatives of the trust:

  1. Scholarship Programs: The trust has established scholarship programs to support deserving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These scholarships aim to provide financial assistance to students to pursue their education and fulfill their academic aspirations. By enabling access to quality education, the trust helps create equal opportunities for deserving students to excel.
  2. Educational Support and Resources: The trust recognizes the importance of providing educational support and resources to students. Initiatives such as distributing educational materials, textbooks, and stationery help bridge the resource gap and empower students to engage in their studies effectively. The trust also organizes workshops and seminars to enhance the academic skills and knowledge of students and teachers.
  3. Skill Development Programs: Ambika Educational Charitable Trust emphasizes the importance of skill development to enhance employability. The trust organizes skill-based training programs, vocational courses, and workshops in collaboration with industry experts. These initiatives equip students with practical skills, entrepreneurial abilities, and soft skills, preparing them for the challenges of the professional world.
  4. Community Outreach and Awareness: The trust actively engages in community outreach programs to create awareness about the value of education. It conducts campaigns and initiatives to promote literacy, encourage parents to prioritize education, and raise awareness about the rights and opportunities available to children. These efforts aim to foster a culture of education and empower communities to support and value education.
  5. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: Ambika Educational Charitable Trust collaborates with educational institutions, both at the primary and higher education levels, to implement innovative educational practices. Through partnerships with schools and colleges, the trust supports the implementation of advanced teaching methodologies, technology integration, and curriculum development aligned with industry needs.
  6. Educational Research and Development: The trust actively promotes educational research and development activities. It encourages teachers and researchers to conduct studies, publish research papers, and present their findings. By fostering a culture of research, the trust contributes to the advancement of educational practices and helps in the continuous improvement of teaching and learning methodologies.

To further expand its reach and enhance its social upliftment initiatives, Ambika Educational Charitable Trust recently received a generous donation from Vishwas Foods, a renowned Food Processing and Exporters Group. Their contribution included the gifting of an ambulance, which will significantly contribute ncy medical services and support the well-being of the emerge

A notable initiative undertaken by the trust was the allocation of the school bus as a 24×7 emergency ambulance service during the government’s battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. This endeavor aimed to provide critical transportation assistance in times of medical emergencies.


Partnering with Sevabharati, the trust also participated in a social initiative called the ‘Annamoottan Ambika’ scheme. This program aimed to maintain a zero hunger index in the Panchayats ofRamapuram,  Kadanadu, and Karoor by distributing food packets to those in need. Such initiatives demonstrate the trust’s commitment to uplifting society and making a positive impact in the community.

Ambika Educational Charitable Trust continues to strive towards its vision of providing quality education, supporting deserving students, and engaging in meaningful social initiatives. Through its efforts, the trust aims to make a lasting difference and contribute to the welfare and progress of society.


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