What Is An Atal Tinkering Lab?

With the latest tools and equipment, Atal Tinkering Labs encourage students to showcase their skills in STEM fields, nurturing a culture of innovation and lifelong learning.

Who Is Setting Up An Atal Tinkering Lab?


Atal Tinkering Labs are established by the Indian government’s Atal Innovation Mission with the objective of promoting innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship among school students.


Computational Thinking

computational thinking


Through unplugged activities such as puzzles, games, and coding, students develop problem-solving, reasoning, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and ideation skills in an enjoyable way.



A Tinkering Lab Enables Students To Create & Innovate Using Technology



ATAL Tinkering Labs offer students access to a wide range of tools and technologies, empowering them to innovate and create using technology. By working with 3D printers, robotics kits, and programming languages, students develop creative problem-solving skills and gain practical experience.




Design Thinking


ATAL Tinkering Labs serve as a platform for students to develop their design thinking skills by allowing them to explore, ideate, prototype, and test their ideas. By following the design thinking process, students can learn how to analyze a problem, identify potential solutions, and refine their ideas through prototyping and iteration.



Curiosity, Creativity Imagination. The Real Skills Of The Future.


The Atal Tinkering Lab encourages students to learn through hands-on activities, urging them to explore and experiment, which enhances their creativity and imagination. Moreover, it stimulates innovation by prompting them to generate novel solutions to real-world challenges.





Through access to modern equipment and tools and guidance from skilled professionals, the ATAL Tinkering Lab fosters ideation among students. By facilitating an environment of innovation and creativity, the Lab enables students to come up with fresh and imaginative ideas.




Physical Computing



Atal Tinkering Lab is the perfect place for students to learn and explore physical computing. It provides a variety of tools such as microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and programming software to help students gain practical experience in building interactive systems.



From Dreams In 3D To 3D Prototypes.


Atal Tinkering Lab offers students a remarkable opportunity to bring their 3D dreams to life by fabricating 3D prototypes. With advanced 3D printing, scanning, and design software, students can transform their innovative ideas into practical objects.

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